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    Changing Bar chart depending on two inputs.

    Some Nath Roy

      Dear All,


      I have a table of which fields are : Tdate,  location,  party and  sales%.

      I have two conditions:

      • 1: sum(if(sales% > $(vSales),1,0))

                [Description : For a party find out the number of different Tdate on which sales% is greater than the entered sales% in variable vSales on month basis.]


      • 2: (Count(location & party) * $(vNos)) / 100

                [Description :  For a party find out the vNos percentage of the total number of Tdates on month basis.]


      vSales and vNos are two input variables.


      My requirement is to make a Bar chart which will show the number of 'party's having the value of condition 1 is greater than condition 2 of different 'location's on monthly basis.

      For ready reference I am attaching a qvw and a xls file.


      Any help would be highly appreciated.



      Thanls & Regards,