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    hide pivot table column


      hello all,

      i've searched the discussion forum regarding the issue and the answers were all archived, so i would like to ask what is the process (set analysis...) on hiding the pivot table columns ("Team, Branch, Employee Name") when "Etc" is selected. please find the image below.

      error loading image

      i really appreciate if somebody knows how. thank you very much in advance.



        • hide pivot table column

          1. You could use a calculated dimension ( if(Category='Etc', Team) ). But I dont think it is a great solution because you get empty columns.

          2. You could use a macro and a button.

          sub AddDimension
          set Graph = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject( "CH04" )
          Graph.AddDimension "GES_NR"
          end sub

          3. You could create several pivot tables and only show one, depending on a condition (->Chart Properties->Layout->Conditional).


          All three options arent optimal, so maybe someone can come up with a better solution