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    Format changes on published document

      Hi Guys


      I've designed a nice looking QV application with background colours and various shadows on objects, however when I copy this to the QlikView server and browse to the report it's lost it's formatting. Is there a WYSIWIG setting anyhwere in Personal Edition v10 to maintain the formats specified in the designer on the website.



        • Format changes on published document
          Brent Nichol

          I presume you are using the AJAX ZFC to open the document from the server.  It is not designed to identically match the development client presentation.


          The AJAX client is getting better at rendering the page, but I would avoid complex presentation configurations unless they are necessary.


          The IE Plugin will render the document identically as the development client if you are using the same versions. 

          My users prefer the speed and look of the IE Plugin.


          Good luck,