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    Bar chart + Line chart with 2 expressions

      Hi All,


      I'm trying to get a specific chart with qv :


      2 dimensions :


      CATEGORY and Month


      2 expressions :


      Volume and MarketShare


      I want


      - Volume Barre chart : One bar per CAT grouped by month

      - MS Line chart : One line per CAT


      Of course in the same chart.


      My Issue is on the line chart, I can't find the way to have one line per CATEGORY, All CAT are regrouped in one line.


      You will find attached a .qvw with :

      - First sheet with data and chart not as I want (with regrouped line for all CAT)


      - Second sheet what I want try to get :multiple line. (to get with chart I did one expression per line, and there is one bar but my need is toi get one bar per category)