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    Pass variable via EDX Trigger call failed



      system: QV 10 SR3.


      Accourding to page 203 of QlikView Server Reference Manual I try to pass a variable and its content to an EDX Enabled Task.



      <Global method="RequestEDX" key="B0cOGkwRkDjHNCiBLLsJ4heDhltK87+h">
      i_VariableName  - The name of the variable you wish to change. The attribute may be left empty.  i_VariableValueList  - The values you want to assign the variable. The variables are entered accordingto the same pattern as in QEMC. 
      The attribute may be left empty.

      Task is starting as expected but no variable is passed.

      There is a warning inside Logfile:


      (2011-10-27 10:40:25) Information: RepeatVariable found.

      (2011-10-27 10:40:25) Warning: RepeatVariable found, but is empty. Name=vScriptCustomerID


      So it seams that the variable Name is passed correctly but the Value is missing...

      I already tried to pass te VariableValueList with trailing semicolon "123456;" and without.


      Any Ideas how this works correctly?


      Many Thanks