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    Number too large to parse as number?

      One of my csv source files contains the large number 125195971554244 in one of the columns. QlikView Desktop (v10 SR1) refuses to interpret this as a number and will only load it as a string (with no numeric value) which obviously throws our calculations out. I suspect this is because it can't represent the number precisely in whatever internal type it is using (double precision floats?).


      It is impractical to pre-/re-format the source files due to size and number. Can anyone think of a way to force QlikView to interpret this string of digits as a number? It needs to be practical and reliable so string manipulation techniques to split the value into parts and reassemble it will have to cope with decimal points and negative numbers.


      The problem can be seen clearly if you try to load just that number using an inline table:


      LOAD * INLINE [





      The resulting single value in the F field is left-aligned by default indicating that it is just text and not being interpreted as a number.


      Any advice would be greatly appreciated.