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    AGGR Odd Behavior?

    Mark McCoid


      First, what I'm trying to accomplish is to take the Monthly Profit (Profit) for a Customer and use it to count how many customers where UNProfitable that month.


      SUM(IF(AGGR(SUM(Profit),Month, Customer) < 0,1,0))

      This works fine when the chart has Month in its dimensions, but when I collapse to Year, it will return the number of months a customer was UNprofitable.

      So I thought I would just create a chart without months and use this expression:

      SUM(IF(AGGR(SUM(Profit), Customer) < 0,1,0))

      Works fine except I noticed that when I leave the month in the dimensions, the result for each month/subscriber is different. I would have through that it would be the same since the aggregation is over the customer.

      error loading image

      Any thoughts on how I could get one expression to work for both the expanded and collapsed states and/or why the above behavior is happening with AGGR?