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    Visibility of Dashboards based on access rights



      I am trying to change visibilty of dashboards in the QV AccessPoint based on Access right. So if a user has an assigned user cal, he should be able to see the document icon, if he doesn't, he should see no dashboard. Or in case of 2 dashboards, only the one the user has access to, should be visible.


      I did see the answer to Siddharth Kulkarni his question, but this doesn't fullfil for my problem.



      if u have 2 app in access point

      1) Finance.qvw 2)Manufacturing.qvw

      and total 5 users(a,b,c,d,e) if user a,b wants see the application Finance only(In access point itself) then

      go to that application right click-->Properties-->Security

      In Security tab, u ll c the user names


      This is different because, we manage access through active directory of the company of approx 7000FTE. We are using the small business version, since we have limited users to this application <20. How can we make sure that people who don't have access rights, do not see any documents in the accesspoint?

      We are not allowed to make local users/user group or to add specific users to a document on the server