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    How do I calculate %

      I have the following data


      UserID       country            Region,        SerialNo    MonthYY

      U1           USA,               Americas      C12            022011

      U2           CANADA         Americas      C34             032011

      U2           CANADA          Americas      C34             052011

      U3           INDIA               Asia             C45             022011

      U1           USA                 Americas     C12              032011

      U4           UK                   Europe          C67             052011

      U5           Italy                 Europe           C55             032011

      U6           Singapore         Asia               C56             062011


      I have created another barchart with Dimension: Region, Expression: Count (Distinct UserID)


      This displays Number of Units in every Region as per below.








      Now I want to dispaly in %. i.e  %of Users in every region.  How do I enter expression?