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    Disable Distribution globally (for all tasks)

    Marcel Hug


      I am testing QV reports against new database Oracle 11 on a seperate server. Now I want to run all Publisher Tasks against this new database,

      without distribution of the reports to their target folders.

      Is there a way to globally disable distribution, instead of modifying every single task? E.g., by disabling of the distribution service?

      Thx & regards - Marcel

        • Disable Distribution globally (for all tasks)
          Lars Helmer

          no, there is only the hard way of going through every task.


          the distribution service is responsible for everything the tasks do, not just the actual distribution. so if you disable the service you won't be able to run any tasks at all.


          you could try denying the distribution service account access to the destination folders, but this would make every task fail, which might not be what you want.