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    Access Denied error

      Hi Guys,


           I am using workbench 10, visual studio 2010.


           I want get the list of selection made in the straight table. For that I am using the following script.


           function init()


                  var ch = qva.GetQvObject("CH17", function () {

                      alert("CH:" + ch.Data.GetSelected());





           But whenever I load the page, It is giving the following error with the popup.

           Access denied! The server (QVS) has no USER CAL for your account. Please contact your system administrator!


           I dont know why this is happening. But I checked no other user existing.


           So I want to know how the problem is caused and how to solve this.


           Could anyone help me?


      Thanks in advance,


        • Access Denied error
          Lars Helmer

          have you tried assigning a cal to the user running the script? another option could be to enable automatic cal allocation in the qemc.



            • Access Denied error



              I am actually assigned one user CAL to ther user. I would like to update the problem.


              using workbench, I am accessing the same qvw document from other pages without any error. I haven't written any javascript there.


              but in this page, when I commented the javascript, it doesn't display any error like that.


              so do I need to pass any user information through the javascript?