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    Determining which client was used to open QlikView document

      Good afternoon,


      I have been trying to determine which client is being used to open a QlikView Document in version 9.00.7440.8 SR3


      There are several discussions on this topic related to using ActiveDocument.GetApplication.QTProduct.

      However, this always seems to return the same value no matter whether the document was open with the IE plugin or AJAX: QlikView 64-bit Edition (x64)

      According to the other discussions it should return QlikOcx when the client is the IE plugin.


      I have added a macro to the OnOpen document event trigger.


      sub OnOpen
      ' Attached to the document OnOpen trigger.
      set doc=ActiveDocument
      set app=doc.GetApplication

      if app.QTProduct = "QlikOcx" then ' client = plugin
            IeOrAjax = 1
            IeOrAjax = 0
      end if
            ActiveDocument.Variables("vIEorAJAX").SetContent IeorAjax, true
      end sub


      Are these discussions invalid for version 9 ?  Does QTProduct not work properly for version 9?





      Thank you for your assistance.