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    How to calculate a "1 of a kind" ratio?

      Hello, I'm looking for a method of calculating & displaying a '1 of a kind' ratio in a text object. The data in a table would look something like this:


      Item     Qty     1s
      10       3
      bcd         5       0
      cde         2       0
      def          1       1
      efg          1       1
      fgh          1       1


      Qty is the count of Item and 1s is a calculated expression if(column(1)<2,1,0). The ratio I would like to display in a test object is 3/10 i.e. 0.3. I don't want or need column 1s. I'm only using it to illustrate what I mean by '1 of a kind'. I'm pretty sure that this should be able to be done using the aggr function but I'm new to QlikView and can't seem to get it to work. Attached is a sample file. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanx.