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    Create individual logfiles for parameterized tasks

    Marcel Hug



      having multiple parameterized tasks using the same base QVW file, how do I manage that every task creates it's own logfile?


      E.g. Tasks:

      1.) "Load x.qvw 1" using file x.qvw, scriptparam=a scriptparamvalue=1      ->     should create logfile x_1.log

      2.) "Load x.qvw 2" using file x.qvw, scriptparam=a scriptparamvalue=2      ->     should create logfile x_2.log

      3.) "Load x.qvw 3" using file x.qvw, scriptparam=a scriptparamvalue=3      ->     should create logfile x_3.log


      How do I achieve this?


      Current result is that same x.log File is always "used" when I start all 3 tasks simultaneously.