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    connecting to multiple excel spreadsheets ?

      i have a excel spreadsheet that is sent to a ftp every month end, is there a way i can point Qlikview to this folder to do trends and forecasting on the data received over the last year....

      the files have the same cloumns and same amount of rows, just the values change month to month




      looks at folde2011 which contains file 201110,201109,2011008,etc

      a second question of mine is...


      can i link a qlikview file to a database and when opening the file selecting the time frame i would like the qlikview to return




      select * from tblA where date is between AA-BB in the script


      upon opening the file ...prompted what is my start date and end date...then returning values accordingly



      i hope this makes sense


      thanks in advance


        • connecting to multiple excel spreadsheets ?

          Hi markde101,

                                     Do you want to restrict the records selection in front end or Back end with sql queiry.



            • connecting to multiple excel spreadsheets ?

              Hi Ravi


              Thank you so much for your reply, i am hoping to restrict records by the user entering parameters on the front to be used on the sql back end


              similar to sql/crystal reporting parameters.


              Is this possible



              ie select * from tblA where date > '?start_date' and < '?end_date?'


              upon opening the qlikview project the user will be prompted to enter a start and end date, which will complete the sql  on the backend, thuis generating results

                • connecting to multiple excel spreadsheets ?

                  Hi markde101,

                                             This can be possible, Please find the attached application where i connected to MS Access database and restricted with input parameters through front end and passing those values in back end.



                  LOAD EmployeeBusinessEntityID,


                      LastName where EmployeeBusinessEntityID >= $(vfrom) and EmployeeBusinessEntityID <= $(vto);

                  SQL SELECT EmployeeBusinessEntityID,



                  FROM Employee;


                  I am not able to attach the application but this script may help you and create two input boxes and passed the values into where clause.


                  Let me know if this is not the case.