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    Table data not linked properly.

      Hi Guys,

      My first time posting here so take it easy on me.


      I have been having an issue with qlikview where the data I load is not properly being linked.


      I have included an example file and a image of the problem.


      previously, I had been using the following select statements to load the date data but qlikview was not recognising it as a date:

          TO_CHAR(DATE_ORDER, 'DD') as DAY,

          TO_CHAR(DATE_ORDER, 'MON') as MONTH,


          TO_CHAR(DATE_ORDER, 'YYYY') as YEAR,

          TO_CHAR(DATE_ORDER, 'Q') as QUARTER,


      Now that I am using "LOAD Distinct" the dates are correctly loaded and sorted as dates but they are not linked to the table data.


      Please help.




      Paul Maillet


      p.s.: Using an Oracle 10g DB.