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    Sum If based on only certain dimensions

      Hi I'm new to qlikview and am trying to do a sum if function.


      My table has three dimensions - Group, Division, Month. Division is a subset of Group. Expression is sum(members). I would like to add a group size to this table. It can be either a expression or calculated dimension. It would sum up the members within the same group and month (and ignore the division) and assign a size category. There would be three size categories (1 to 100) (101 to 499) and (500+). Attached is an xls with an example.


      I've tried set theory and a few other examples but am stuck. i don't know the syntax for specifying how to sum members for any group/month row on the table that matches the group/month that is in this row. I do know how to use if statements to assign a category.


      Thanks for your help.