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    Excel Load - Limit Loaded lines for many Files

      I have a small Problem,

      there are 30 Excel files each month


      A) loading many excel files (same layout)  - OK

      B)  limiting the number of lines loaded (to prevent garbage data)  - OK


      - Limiting the number of lines while loading many files   - not OK


      here is what i tried



      LOAD F1 as TIME,

           filename() as FILE,

           Main as Main1,

           Check as Check1,

           Main1 as Main2,

           Check1 as Check2,

           Main2 as Main3,

           Check2 as Check3,

           Main3 as Main4,

           Check3 as Check4,

           Main4 as Main5,

           Check4 as Check5,

           Main5 as Main6,

           Check5 as Check6,

           Main6 as Main7,

           Check6 as Check7,

           Main7 as Main_TOTL,

           Check as Check_TOTL,




      (ooxml, embedded labels, header is 6 lines, table is [TEMP]);

      //where RowNo()<24;



      it is reding the first file OK, but from the second file on, it only reads the first line of the following files.


      any suggestions why ?

      do i have to "reset" RowNo() somehow ?