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    How to select all from a field, excluding selected?

      Hi all.


      I have a dashboard that shows activity for team members.

      A person can belong to more than one team.

      Activity is displayed for one team only (the team list box has Always One Selected Value checked).


      I need to list the other teams that a user belongs to in a text box, excluding the currently selected team.





      Bob has activity for TeamA and TeamB.


      User selects Bob and TeamA.


      Bob’s TeamA activity is displayed.


      I now need to alert the User to the fact that Bob also has activity for TeamB.


      The following lists all teams that Bob belongs to (including TeamA):

      Dimension: Team

      Expression: =count({<Team=>}Activity)


      How can I exclude the current Team selection (TeamA) from the above expression?


      Thanks in advance, Michael.