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    Adjusted Time Intervals for Working Hours

      Hello Everyone --


      I'm new to Qlikview and need the expertise of this community to help me out in coming up with an "adjusted" time interval that takes into account actual work hours.  Our "work hours" would start from 8:00am and would not include a one hour lunch starting at noon time and needs to account for a 15 minute break starting at 3:00.


      I'm looking to come up with a time interval between a start date and an end date that takes these working day parameters into account.  Here is the breakdown of what i'm looking for:


      1.  If the start time is before 8:00am, default the start time to 8:00am.

      2.  If the start time is before noon, and the end time is after 1:00pm, subtract 1 hour.

      3.  If the start time is before 3:00pm and the end time is after 3:15pm, subtract 15 minutes (break time)


      I tried doing this through the use of If statements and I could not get this working.  Any help would be much, much appreciated and as I learn more about Qlikview I will definitely be a contributor to this forum.