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    QlikView on iPad

      I am trying to open qvw files on our QlikView 9 server using the Qlikview iPad app and I am unable to do it. I have the setup and login credentials on the app and it looks good.

      Is it a version compatibility issue? Is the QlikView iPad app compatible with QlikView 9?

      Any ideas?



      Viral Mehta

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          It depends on the iOS version you have. If you use iOS5, you have to patch your qlikview server. Search for iOS5 patch.


          Best regards


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            Gordon Savage



            I have just started looking at iPad connectivity.


            We are using v9sr4 and from what I have begun to read it looked like QVS v10sr4 was the preferred minimum to be at.


            Could you share with me the steps I need to go through? I am suffering a bit of 'information overload' but I would really appreciate a step-by-step guide to accessing Qlikview from the iPad.





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                1.      You need a Qlikview Server, an iPad.

                2.      That’s all. Just launch Safari on your iPad, acces to the URL of your server as you should dowith another browser. Your app should be a little bit redesigned to fit iPad specific resolution. There is a Best Practice doc for that


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                    Gordon Savage

                    Thanks Philippe!


                    We currently access documents on QVS (using IIS incidentally) through the IE plugin. So what needs to be on the iPad - a client/plugin/iApp? I see Ajax/AjazZFC often mentioned in connection with iPad access but am not sure what that really means - embedded DOC coding in JS somewhere?


                    Thanks in advance!



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                        You do not need anything special on the iPad. Just use the Safari browser as it is. Your iPad must be connected to the local network, or either to internet if your server is accessible from the web. Just fullfill the URL to acces your QVS server, and the Qlikview Access Point should appear prompting for your login. If it doesn't, check iOS version, if 5 the QVS need to be patched (ask directly Qliktech for the patch)

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                    Umberto Ligorio

                    Hi viralmehta,

                    to use properly your iPAD just using a Safari browser you'll need to install a QV Server 10 SR3 or following versions.

                    In fact the so called "unified client", that  automatically recognizes your iPAD and adds touch capabilities in navigating your dashboard, was introduced with that release.

                    In previous versions (e.g. 9) you could only use a specific App designed for the iPhone (very uncomfortable)



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                      Hi ,


                           I'm Also faced the same issue can you send me a link.(patch)


                      anticipating favroble responce.



                      Shehan Chaturanga