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    Using another application to pass data to Qlickview

    Sagar Hussain



      We use a CRM package called Saleslogix and would like to pass information to qlickview to interogate our database and filter reports.


      For example if we have A.N.Other Company records selected we would press a button and it would fire up Internet Explorer and Open our Qlickview report and select a pre defined report and filter it to just show A.N.Other Company's records etc....


      Could someone please tell me if this is possible and where to look for further information for me to be able to do this.







        • Using another application to pass data to Qlickview



          It is possible using query string and section access. Assuming you are aware of your section access (else pelase refer qlikview help), add section access with the company name as userid. All your need to trigger in the button in the below url:


          qvp://qlikviewserverip/demodoc.qvw?userid=<username can be parsed>


          Only thing is that you need to allow access thru IE plugin in your server and your users should install qlikview plugin.