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    Loading using Oracle OLEDB-Error reading number format



      When I try to load the data using Oracle provider for OLEDB conection, it reads all the numbers as integers and appends .000000000000......... for all the number columns. If I load same with Mircosoft OLEDB provider for Oracle it is reading numbers correctly. The data type is always a number. Other than using Num function when loading is there a solution with using Oracle provider for OLEDB? Not sure why it is reading numbers as integers. Any help is appreciated.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Steve Dark

          Just put a Floor statement around any numbers you pull out to remove the decimal zeros eg.


          Floor(ORACLE_VALUE) as [Oracle Value],


          If you want to keep some of the decimal information, but not to that many decimal places do the same but with the Round function:


          Round(ORACLE_VALUE, 0.0001) as [Oracle Value],


          This is just a bit of a quirk with the driver, but is easy to work around.


          - Steve