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    Need Expression Help - Sales Per Peg

      Hi everybody! I'm struggling to come up with an expression that gives me what I'm looking for. I have sales data by store, by month, by item. I also have the number of facings/pegs that an item takes up on the wall in the store.


      I'm trying to find an expression that will tell me which brand, sub brand, item, etc. is utilizing its space on the wall the best.


      For example, I have a wall that has pegs for 55 items. Items under Brand_A have sales of $10,300. Items under Brand_B have sales of $26,400. However, Brand_A only has 15 pegs on the wall where as Brand_B has 40 pegs on the wall. So the formula of dollars/facings shows that Brand_A has $686.87 per peg while Brand_B only has $660 per peg.


      I want to be able to see the sales per facing whether I am looking at brand or sub brand.


      Attached is an example in Excel that may make more sense.


      Does anyone know what I can do?