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    $Syn table on a TimeScale subject

      Hello everyone,


      It is my first post so I hope I am placing it in the right section.For a couple of weeks, I have been using QlikView Personnal Edition in ordrer to evaluate the tool and decide wether or not it would feet our requirment as our standard BI analys tool. We would then deploy QlikView Server associated with Microsoft SQL server as a datawharehouse.


      I am today facing an issue about the associativity of some fields. Enclose to this post one rar document of the problem:


      -Process people measure everyday Electricity consumption per transformer and store data in an xls files

      -Finance people records every month rates of the electricity they have been able to negotiate

      -I've build a time table in order to associate the full date (dd/mm/yyyy) with the month, the day of the year, the year... I've also create a group called "time" containing year, month, week, day fields in order to do scrolling on the differents charts


      I want to build a graph representing the price of electricity that we paid on a time period. Basically done by multiplying Consumption per Rate


      Finance excel file need to be integrate in Qlikview as a cross table. Rate "attributes" are "Year" and "Month"

      Process excel file also need to be integrate as a cross table. Consumption "Attribute" is "Date" and "Transformer"

      System table intend to create a relation beetwen "year" "month" and "date" fields

      Time Group imply that "month" field can't be cross with more than one value of "year" field as "month" is a child of "year"


      QlikView have built one $Syn 1 table to create a relation beetwen Rate field from PriwKwH table with Date table. However when is scroll down on My rate graph to zoom on a specific month, I lost data representation on Consumption graph:


      Sans titre.JPG


      Does anyone know how to build a relation beetwen (Year, Month) Fields with date field. (Meaning that if year [2010] and Month [11] are selected. All the date from the [01/11/2010] and [31/11/2010] are selected too.


      Sorry for this approximate and non "aware" langage as I discover both scripting code and Qlikview BI tool.