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    Odd QV/QVS Image Cache Issue

      I'm having an issue happening with an application where I'm displaying images through a text box, using a UNC path to the image (for example \\server\image\image.png). But the weird stuff happens when I replace an image, using same name,  on the image server, even though I close the app and open it again through accesspoint or QV desktop, the old image is displayed. If in windows I click on run, type the UNC path for the image and hit enter, the new image opens, but in QV the old image is still displayed.


      This is very strange because, if I change the path format in the text box to point to a mapped drive instead of the UNC path, on the client it will not display (it will show locally on the QVS), so I can conclude that the image is called from the client, and not displayed through the server, but the issue is solved in the client when I restart QVS (?!).


      Does this make any sense?