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    Input Box Conditional Bug

    Siddharth Kulkarni


      Passing variable v_INP=x;y;z in Input Box

      There are 3 different charts conditionally shown for x,y,z input box selections.



      The chart with condition v_INP='z' doesnot show up.

      To be precise, the chart with conditional show from the last value in the variable(z in this case) doesnot show up.

      So if I delete z from the variable and select y in Input box, the chart with the condition v_INP='y' doesnt show up.

      If i put a semicoln at the end of z(which we normally dont do), the chart for z appears, but there is an extra space entry in input box(Obv not the solution)



      Using 9.0 SR 6. Done the same thing so many time b4, but never witnessed this


      Any thoughts. Did any1 experience this?