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    UAC - How to limit user access to data in cost-report?

    Joakim Wasseng

      I've got a cost-report where I need to limit access of certain data to some of the users - And I need help to get started!


      Ok, so my report load all cost-data avalible in my ERP-system.

      I want the CEO and CFO to see all costs for all departments, but limit access for department managers...so that they only see their departments costs.


      (I do not want to limit access to certain sheets...all sheets should be viewable for everyone.)


      Currentlyy I'v done seperat reports for all department managers an used NTFS-rights to give/limit access...but this leavs me with 12 reports where I only should need one if I could limit data access.


      I use version 10.00.8935.7 SR2


      Thanks for your help!


      Best Regards / Joakim