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    Set analysis Last Year to date

      I am running into some problems. I originally had  a set analysis that was showing last years invoice amount. It was just requested to show last year to date, so for example today, it would show invoice amounts from 01/01/2010 to 11/11/2010.


      Original Expression:

      Sum({1<[Year Applied]={$(=Year(Today())-1)}>} [Invoice Amount])


      I can not figure out how to tell it to take only the dates of last year <=Today


      I Tried this with no success: ([Date Applied M/D] is formatted to 'MM/DD' in the script)

      Sum({1<[Year Applied]={$(=Year(Today())-1)},



      [Date Applied M/D]={"<=$(=Date(Today(),'MM/DD'))"}



      >} [Invoice Amount])