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    How to ignore one dimension during aggr

      I have a chart with 2 dimensions - CalendarMonthName, Region


      For each month, i want to show breakdown of revenue across regions. As such for every month, the % across regions should add upto 100%


      I added expression like these -



      sum(total aggr(sum(NET_COMMS),CalendarMonthName))



      But with this logic, 2nd column does not show total of the revenue for each month across regions. Instead it shows the total of for all months.


      Please refer to attached image for details...


      % amount for 4 regions for Jan. 2011 should add upto 100%

      and % amount for 4 regions for Feb. 2011 should also add upto 100%


      Can someone help me with correcting the expressions... thanks in advance!