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    document directory

      Hi everybody,


      i am facing a problem with getting the qlik view server started. I think this might be an easy question for everybody with a little bit of experience.

      We have installed the server an the publisher an i am trying get an overview with the QEMC. At the service folder it says, that my QVS is off duty because "no document directory is set"


      Does anyone has an idea how to solve this problem?


      Thanks and kind regards



        • document directory
          Lars Helmer

          it means the when the qvs starts the it's root folder is not available. this could be a bad path or access troubles. make sure that the qvs has access to it's program data folder and that DocumentDirectory in settings.ini is set to a valid and accessible path (or that the DocumentDirectory is not present in the file at all in which case the qvs will set it to it's default).