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    Experiences SAP Connector 5.6 - Extractor Connector

    Moritz Michalke

      Hey Folks,


      we're planning to implement QlikView 10 latest release in combination with SAP Connector 5.6 in SAP ECC and EWM environment.
      Basically I'm thinking of using the Extractor Connector interface due to my SAP BW background and some other advantages like
      partially delta mechanism that come alon with some datasource as well as some buisness logic included in the sap datasources.

      Does anyone already have some experiences leveraging this interface and can give me some insights about the advantages and
      disadvantages ?

      As far as i discovered the ExtractorConnector comes along with some weaknesses. The worst thing that i discovered so far is that
      some settings to be performes in SAP Backend (QlikView Extractor Administration Set-up or the and Activate/Generate Data
      Sources/Extractors for QlikView (transaction QTQVC/Activate)) are not able to be transported within the system landscape via
      standard SAP transport environment. When I got it right this mean that those settings have to be perfomed in all systems in the
      current system setup (usually development, quality and production). I think this is not really feasible. Maybe i just got something
      wrong and somebody can blow away my fears.


      Hope to get to know some more insigths of your experiences using SAP extractor connector.




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          Juan Olivares

          My experience is excellent using QV... really try the product and from now you will realize how make things with a tool that have "easy do" and "one qlik" integrated.



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            Hi Moritz,


            I basically have the same questions as you have regading the transport management of the Extractor setup. I can't imagine that the only way is to open each system landscape in order to create the logical systems and extractors... Same problem if i need to change something (add fields fir i.e.): do I need to modify 3 times, in test, quality and prod?


            If any of you guys have some experience to share on that...




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                Moritz Michalke

                Hey Quentin,


                you exactly got my point. But it works exactly as you described. You have to perform the settings in every system and therefore you have to open the respective system changeability (TA: SCC4). In our current client setup it's already impossible so create logical system in quality system to restrictions regards changeability set in SCC and this will be the same in production environment.

                I think this has to be changed that it works like usual SAP customizing that is transport via standard transport management.