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    Can IE Plugin use SMTP configuration define on the QV Server?

      My environment:

      On my laptop are installed: Qlikview 10 SR2 and QV Plugin (for IE)

      I am using Alerts with pop-up + email notification. These alerts are triggered via buttons + macros

      I have 2 smtp server (Development / Production). I did the development of my QV application on my laptop and configure my user settings with the smtp server from Development. Everything is working fine.



      Now, I am deploying my QV application on the QV Server that end-user will access throught the QV Access Point and with IE Plugin. I have configured the Mail Server from the QEMC and did the test, it works fine.


      When accessing my QV application through IE Plugin, I notice the menu: Menu > User preferences / Tab: Mail.

      1st conclusion: This tab is sharing the same configuration that I have defined earlier in QV Software. Any modification from QV Plugin or QV Software will affect the other one.

      Question 1: What is the meaning of such tab in IE Plugin (If we have configured the Mail Server through QEMC, it should not be possible for end-user to access such tab). It is confusing me.


      When another user is accessing the same QV application (through IE), the tab Menu > User preferences > Mail is empty, and when an alert is triggered, the email can't be sent (although Mail Server is correctly defined) and dialog "User Preferences" is getting opened.

      Question 2: Isn't it suppose to use the setting defined in the QEMC/Mail Server?


      Thanks in advance,