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    Store each field value as file (for reuse in for each statement)

    Michiel van de Goor


      I'm searching the qlikcommunity for a solution to solve this:


      Qlikview application 1:

      I run a for each .. next statement to get a list op StationID's.


      Qlikview application 2:

      These StationID's are the input for a query that runs with a for each.. next statement to retrieve the data for each StationID.


      However, I have to manually set up a comma separated list in Qlikview application 2 from the Stationid's.


      I wish to create individual files from each StationID that is found in Qlikview app 1 and use these files a input in Qlikview app 2. (filelist() )


      Can this be done? What statement would that be?


      Thanks for your help.