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    Interaction of Server and Publisher Components?

    Sunil Chauhan

      can any one help me on how server and publishers interacts.

        • Interaction of Server and Publisher Components?
          Brent Nichol

          Once the publisher license has been entered you are given an additional tab ('Source Documents') on the Documents screen.


          The Source Documents tab displays the tree structure for each path defined in QEMC > System > Setup > Distribution Service > QDS@servername > General > Source Folders.


          For each qvw file in that path you are able to create tasks and distribute user documents to the QVS or other destinations.


          The possible server destinations are read from 'Root Folder' and 'Mounted Folders' on the QEMC > System > Setup > QlikView Servers > QVS@servername > Folders tab.


          For more information, refer to Server Reference Manual.


          Good Luck,