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    Floor plan in QlikView

      Hey guys,


      One new begginer here again! I am working on a floorplan. I need to get a floor plan where one could see how much the room has been in use and how much for example return has been generated in the room and for example who has worked there.


      I discovered that scatter plot is good for this (using floor plan as background), got some balls over the rooms and their size vary along the data used. But I need to get also the background of the rooms changing according to the data. I succeeded in it with text object. I coded in it so that color of it changes if the number is below something and above something. But the problem comes when I have rooms that are not square! Can I somehow get text objects that are not square?


      Or do you guys have some better solution for this? Is there a program that could be used to do something like this? How could I work something like this out. In my solution that I've done needs a lot of "hand work" because there's few floors and many stations. I attached a raw example what I am trying to do (here rooms are square, but not in final work)


      Any help would be appreciated!


      Thank you in advance!

      Madis Orav

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          You can put an image with transparent areas in a textobject and set its background to a color with 100% transparency to have a non-square textobject. However doing that will prevent you from setting the color of your image in an expression. A workaround would be to have several images named with the same format (for example roomA_1.png, roomA_2.png, roomA_3.png...), and then use a qlikview expression which evaluate to the proper filename to update your non-square textobject according to the current state (for example "='rooms_images\roomA_' & count(YourData) & '.png')".

            • Floor plan in QlikView

              I have to try that. But it becomes very "heavy" and complicated. Since there are 14 (maybe more coming) offices that have different shaped and many rooms / floors. There might be like around 100 rooms, probably different shape and size. I would have to draw for all of these in 5-6 different colors. It becomes pretty massive task. But I guess that's what it is


              Anyhow, I'll give it a shot today and see how it works out! Might be that in process it proves out good and I just think it somehow too complicated.


              However big thank you for you!


              But is there some kind of program available where one could draw these floor plans (or any pictures) and make separate objects out of all of the rooms. Then in Qlik you could refer into these objects? Has anyone heard anything like this? Or any other possible solutions?

              • Floor plan in QlikView

                Where would you insert that expression? when choosing image it doesnt give an expression field.

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                    Set that expression as the text object expression and choose "image" instead of "text" as the text object representation. I attached a zip file with 3 images files in a subdirectory and a qvw demonstrating the method.

                    I know there is a way to embed images in a qvw document but I don't remember how to do it. If you choose to go this way you should have a look at it else you would have to distribute your application in several files.

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                        Oh yeah, that helped a bit again! I thought it way more complicated and inserted it wrong..


                        One solution for this and probably the best one would be  Extension Object. Tried it a little basics with it and played around, but I would need to learn Java/html language first. Makes it complicated again


                        But thanks again for your time!

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                            If you have no experience in javascript this extension object will be a real pain to implement. I think your best solution would be to find an application which would allow you to automatically create the 5-6 images per room you need. I am not really an expert in this field but I think photoshop can do batch processing so maybe you can set up something to create the images automatically.