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    Formatting Axes

      Hello All,


      Is it possible to format chart axes indepently of the data format?


      For example, I have a date dimension which defaults to mm/1/yyyy hh:mm am which I use as an x-axis time scale, and would prefer mmm yyyy format.


      (I have actually "solved" this by creating an equivalent text field in my database, but this seems like it ought to be a bit unnecesary to me.)


      Also, numeric y-axes default to some system preferred number of decimal places but I would like to define in such a way that remains constant on drill-down - such that monetary values always display as #,###.## (i.e. 2dp with comma thousands separator and point decimal separator) and volumes as #,###.### (i.e. as values but 3dp)


      Many thanks.


      QlikView for Windows Version 9.00.7646.9 SR6

        • Formatting Axes

          For the x-axis you can use Monthname(Date) and this will display how you want. I have not seen any way to edit the Y axis

            • Formatting Axes

              Thanks Marc,


              I tried the function and although it wasn't exactly what I was after, it was close, and led me towards what I wanted to do.


              I was making it a bit too complicated... and all I needed to do was have a continuous x-axis and format the dimension as date format MMM YYY.


              However, if anyone can help with the y-axis question... I haven't stumbled across that yet.