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    IE plugin hijacks license lease (10SR3)

    Lennart Frimannslund

      Hi there!


      In our environment we have one production server and one development
      server, which are accessed using remote desktop login. On both servers
      one can run QlikView desktop 10SR3, with license leased from the
      production server, which is also 10SR3.


      So far, so good.


      However, a named user may want to view a report on a laptop (e.g. a
      third computer), which, if the approppriate time has passed, not only
      opens the document, but also leases a license on behalf of the laptop,
      reducing one of the QV Desktop instances on the prod/test server to QV
      personal edition. (Actually, this hijacking seems to take place as
      soon as the laptop is turned on, regardless of whether a report has
      actually been opened! )


      A low-tech workaround for this problem is to never close QV Desktop on
      the test/prod server, or to always log in to those two computers before
      reading a report with the plugin, but this is somewhat silly.


      Does anybody else have experience with a situation like this?


      Am I, by trying to read a report on a third computer violating anything
      as far as the license goes? I was under the impression that a named
      user could lease on behalf of two computers, and read from the access point on an
      unlimited number of computers.