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    How to remove Domain/Name assigning and keep only name?

    Sravan Puppala



      We have DMS Authorisation only on our Server.

      The Named CAL Users which are present in the Productive Qlikview Server are taking License everytime a Qlikviewuser Logs in on the Accesspoint in different ways based on Domain.


      for Example. when I am at office and Login then it is Domain1/User1

      If I am login from home from the citrix it is Domain2/User1


      Even the user is only one(User1), it takes 2 Licenses in QEMC. It can be seen in System-> Licenses->QlikviewServer->ClientAccessLicenses(CALs)-> Assigned CALs. Anyway to tell Qlikview to take only once based on User?


      Thanks in Advance