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    Reload when DB ready (flag finished =ok)



      I have a DB thats fully reloaded every night. When the DB is correctly loaded i have and end-flag put in a table, sometimes the loading of the DB fails and then i dont want QV to load.


      Can i somehow poll this end-flag in publisher and wait for it to become "end"?




        • Reload when DB ready (flag finished =ok)
          John Witherspoon

          This isn't quite what you're asking for, but at our company, we handle this with an EDX message from application that updates the database (or creates a flat file, or whatever).  I don't know all the details, only what I write in the IBM Mainframe JCL, and what I put on the QlikView Publisher side to respond to the EDX message.


          This might be a bit less efficient, but you could kick off the Publisher task frequently during the night, and have it read in the end-flag.  If it isn't set, exit the script.  If it is set, do the load, and then... I guess update the database using a macro triggered OnPostReload?  Does that even work?  I thought I remembered that trigger not working in a server environment.


          Not really my area of expertise, I guess.  Maybe it's a place to start.  Maybe not.  Hopefully someone with a more thorough understanding will come along.