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    Simple (?) Index

      Hi experts!


      OK... so I've got a line on a chart that does this across a time axis...




      So far, so easy peasy.


      Now I want another line that does this...




      where the denominator is the first calculated value - and the selection of "FIRST" should be variable as the earliest in the current dataset, not defined - and not necessarily the "First" function in QV).


      Should be easy surely... but I just can't seem to crack some of what I expect to be the basic QV functions.


      Help yet again, please.


      QlikView for Windows Version 9.00.7646.9 SR6

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          John Witherspoon

          I'm still unclear on what you mean by first, but you MAY be looking for the top() function:



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              Thanks for your help John,


              For clarity (I hope), my dataset is split into periods, and I want to index each period based on the first period in the selected data.


              I'll give Top a try .



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                  Making progress, but still got a couple of issues, which I will try to explain.


                  Thanks John,

                  Using Top, I have managed to achieve the calculation I needed (defined as an Expression called "Index") as follows:


                  ((Sum (LineValue)/Sum (Quantity))/(Top(Sum (LineValue))/Top(Sum (Quantity))))-1

                  But this seems only to work in a Pivot Table.


                  Perhaps this is because of the Dimensions that I am using?


                  I have a time Dimension called YearPeriod, and a Drill Down Group comprising Group, Type and Product.

                  The Pivot Table works if I have the Dimensions in the order "Group Drill Down" and "YearPeriod".


                  It seems the number of expressions is immaterial, because, as I say, the table does everything I require.


                  However, if I change properties and make this into a Line Chart the Index Expression fails and the drill down ceases to work also.


                  Any help gratefully received.