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    i'm stuck..

      how do I convert this from a CSV  .. into a QV timestamp... while loading the CSV and converting it to local time..



      Notice the T between DATE and TIME and the UTC indicator (+00:00)


      I'm crosseyed with LOAD statments....


      thanks so much for helping!

        • i'm stuck..
          Mark Sheraton

          something like this should do it.

          Time(SubField( Replace('2011-11-17T13:12:27.654+00:00','+','T')     ,'T',2)     ,'hh:mm:ss')

          • i'm stuck..
            Stefan Wühl

            Are all your values UTC based?


            Then maybe like this:

            Let TZD= time(localtime()-localtime('GMT'));



            LOAD * INLINE [





            LOAD Timestamp(timestamp#(left(replace(Input,'T',' '),index(Input,'+')-1),'YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss.fff')+'$(TZD)') as result

            resident Input;

            • i'm stuck..

              ok - got the "simplest" solution. Just needed 2 x kick in the back..





              ConvertToLocalTime(timestamp#(SubField(Replace([time (UTC)],'T',' '),'+',1),'YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss[.fff]')) as TimeX


              (Time(UTC) is the field name) = to the engineers vision of a time stamp listed above. :-)