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    Negative Memory Allocation Delta in Publisher task log

    Vikram Sai Kumar

      Hi All,


      Can some please tell me what does the Negative Memory Allocation Delta in Publisher task log mean. We are having frquent job failure with Negative Memory Allocation Delta in our enviornment.


      Below is a error log:


      11/14/2011 10:33:19.8287089 Information   TheSource Document reload complete.DocumentPath=\\link-bfd-04\qlikview_prod\QVS\PrivateData\QVW_DASHBOARDS\SALES\Sales_Analysis.qvw

      11/14/2011 10:33:19.8287089 Information   Waitingfor the document log "\\link-bfd-04\qlikview_prod\QVS\PrivateData\QVW_DASHBOARDS\SALES\Sales_Analysis.qvw" to become available..

      11/14/2011 10:33:19.8287089 Information   Documentlog "\\link-bfd-04\qlikview_prod\QVS\Private Data\QVW_DASHBOARDS\SALES\Sales_Analysis.qvw"was not found / not updated. Skipped.

      11/14/201110:33:20.1568276 Information   Memory Allocation Delta for thisfile=-2681.66 Mb. Available Physical Memory Before Reload=23035.29 Mb.Available Physical Memory After Reload=17583.29 Mb. Total PhysicalMemory=17583.29 Mb.

      11/14/2011 10:33:21.3286801 Error  TheSource Document was NOT reloaded successfully.DocumentPath=\\link-bfd-04\qlikview_prod\QVS\PrivateData\QVW_DASHBOARDS\SALES\Sales_Analysis.qvw.

      11/14/2011 10:33:21.3286801 Information   InitializingReload (0), Finished (8674469)

      11/14/2011 10:33:21.3286801 Error  Reloadfailed.

      11/14/2011 10:33:21.4068036 Information   Closingthe document.

      11/14/2011 10:33:21.7661717 Information   Closedthe QlikView Engine successfully. ProcessID=6068

      11/14/2011 10:33:21.7661717 Information   Initializing(0), Finished (437)

      11/14/2011 10:33:21.7661717 Error  Reloadfailed. Distribution skipped.

      11/14/2011 10:33:21.7661717 Error  Thetask "Sales_Analysis_Reload" failed. ErrorCount=3

      11/14/2011 10:33:21.7661717 Information   SendingAlert Mail to 1 recipients.



      We are using QV 9 Publisher, SR7


      Please let me know if you need anymore details.