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    Document CALs are not applicable

      Hi there  I have an issue with documents CALs. Actually we have 25 named user CALs assigned, and 15 Document CALs 1 assigned  In the QMC User Documents Tab , one document shows the following red message under the Document CALs Tab, Document CALs are not applicable. Reaso: Multiple non-trivial logical islands. Document does not comply with Document CAL licensing restrictions, please see documentation. What documentation is refering ?  I had been searching in the document but everything looks fine. I am not using section access.  Would you please give me a hand to fix it?  Thanks in advance.  Karim

        • Document CALs are not applicable
          Arthur Lee

          Refer to the Server Reference Manaul page 173:


          Document restrictions


          The purpose of the Document CAL is to provide a mechanism by which licensees can license the use of a single document. To prevent the combination of many data models into a single document, there are restrictions in the documents which can be used with the Document CAL. The Named CAL, the Session CAL and the Usage CAL can however be used to open any functional QlikView document.


          Most common data models used in QlikView documents can be used for Document CALs. For instance, proper star schemas and snowflake schemas typically have the field with the highest cardinality in the fact table and the keys in dimensional tables have a lower cardinality. For snowflake schemas, the cardinality decreases further as you move away from the fact table. Documents containing such models typically fulfill the above demands and are well suited for Document CALs.


          But documents with multiple logical islands are normally not allowed. Multiple logical islands are only allowed if the additional tables are unconnected and contain only few records or one single column.


          Further, the document may not contain any loosely coupled tables.


          Finally, the cardinality (number of distinct values) of the key fields must decrease as you move away from the fact table.


          Basically “Multiple trivial logical islands” means that you have on or a group of tables that are unconnected with the main data model. QlikView does not allow this. Unless it is unconnected “help tables” with less than 500 records, or with a single column.