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    Alerts Messages

      G'day QlikView Community;


      I have been playing with our very new QV10 set-up which is a lot of fun. I have set up a File Age Monitor QVW (Found on Rob Wunderlich's blog - http://robwunderlich.com/downloads/FileAgeMonitor.zip)


      However I have a request to make the message generated by the alert to be a little more readable.


      Currently the message code is:


      =sum([Is Overdue?]) & ' documents overdue: ' & concat(FileName, ', ') 


      So when there are multiple QVWs outside of their accepted age parameter, they are just listed and separeted by a comma.


      How would I go about separating the file names to be one per line? Is there any decent customisation available for the messages generated by alerts aside from the generic images available in QlikView?


      Hope you may be able to assist;


      Kieran Boyce