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    How to check if a selecton for a value is possible on actions

    Michael Jordan

      Hi All,


           I have a chart in which I show the values for the selected day. Also on the same chart I have some transperant text boxes which help me to drill down to the sheet showing the detailed data for the particular dept only.

           Now in the chart the values shown are


      Date                  || Finance  Dept value   || HR Dept2      || Admin Dept 3||

      18-11-2011         || Some Value              ||  Some Value || Some Value  ||



      Now on the click of the transperant text boxes I need to show the detailed data for the department. so I have put action on the text boxes to select a department value. Now when the data is available the selection in the Actions written on the text boxes works properly but when there is no value for the department in the detailed data tab it can not do the selection & it shows all the values for all other department.


      I need some way to restrict it showing all the values. Is there any work around for this. Thanks in advance.