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    Pivot table problem.



      I have a big table that has lots of coeficients calculated (over 15). after that it calculates 5-10 more fields, based on the first 15 coeficients.


      I did this in expressions, referring to each of the coeficients in the next expresions. I can not make it all in one expresion (or at least for the dimantional ones) because if I replace the name of the expresion with the code used for calculating it becomes way too big for qv to hendle it and it crashes when I paste it (over 2000 chars and over 500 lines in total over 1mil of characters).


      I was wondering as some of my dimensions are calculated nad located in the expressions I can not use them on creating the pivot table, is there a way to fix this, as for no wI need to export the table and reload it to use it for a pivot table.


      Is there a way to use calculated values of one object for creating a new one (first will be the table of coeficients and the other will be the pivot table).

      Or is it a way to use expression as a dimention in the pivot table?