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    100% Stacked Bar Chart and drill down

      Hi All,


      I have a bar chart which I have set up as a 100% stack with two dimensions:


      - Org_Level_1

      - Input_Type


      ...using the following calculation I can show the % of Employees (this all works fine):


      =Count([Employee_Number])/Count(total<[Org_Level_1]> Employee_Number )


      However I actually want to use a drill down group, but I'm unsure how to use the group within the expresson.  The group consists of 5 fields within the organisation hierarchy i.e. Org_Level_1, Org_Level_2 etc; and the above calculation works obviously with the first level, but does not with the second.


      Basically, how do I amend the calculation so that it flexes depending on the org level...


      Your help is much appreciated...



        • 100% Stacked Bar Chart and drill down

          Figured it out, and just in case anyone else wanted to know, using the same expression as above I just included all the org levels that appear in the drill down group i.e:


          =Count([Employee_Number])/Count(Total<[Org_Level_1],[Org_Level_2],[Org_Level_3],[Org_Level_4],[Org_Level_5]> Employee_Number)