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    Scaling to 100% : two dimensions / one expression

      Hello all,



      It sounds easy, however I am not able to find the right solution.

      I have go a table who looks like this (simplification):


      Time             Recognition


      7                       YES
      7                       YES
      7                       YES

      7                       NO

      8                       NO

      8                       NO



      TIME and RECOGNITION are the dimension and ANSWER is the expression =count(Recognition).

      What I want to see is the distribution indexed to 100% for EACH moment in TIME (7 and 8).

      If I thickbox RELATIVE and adjust the Axe maximum to 1 I get what I show here beneath.


      Schermafbeelding 2011-11-18 om 14.08.51.png===>  Schermafbeelding 2011-11-18 om 14.11.37.png



      However, That is not what i need. The total for EACH moment in time needs to be 100%, not the combination of the two moments in TIME.

      I have been thinking about this all day by now. It drives me crazy.


      If you can help me with this, you are my hero.



      Kinds regards,