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    Delayed reaction when using fieldindex formula to hide sheets

      How can I get an immediate reaction when using a fieldindex formula to hide/show objects/sheets:


      I have the following small example:




      Load * Inline [

          ID, MUID, User

          1, Alltag, CHE

          2, RemoteAdmin, RSO

      ] ;


      SET F_CheckIfAdmin = [fieldindex('MUID', subfield(OSUser(), '\', -1))] ;


      result is correct: MUID Alltag has fieldindex > 0


      test 003 (1).jpg


      if I change now User 1 to xAlltag I get the correct result of the fieldindex formula but the sheets do not react immediately


      test 003 (2).jpg


      I need to click something like a field in the table or on one of the other sheets' tabs (clicking on the Admin-sheet tab is doing nothin because it is not a changing activity I assume) to get the correct result:


      test 003 (3).jpg


      How can I get an immediate reaction


      More worse happens when opening in the AccessPoint on QV-Server. There the fieldindex result is corect but the sheets do not react.


      Any idea if this is a bug or any way existing to avoid this behaviour ?


      Thanks for any help